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  • Lisboa Capital República Popular

    Created in 2009, Lisboa Capital República Popular (LCRP) is a multidisciplinary festival that takes place every year in April to mark the anniversary of the Carnation Revolution – the Portuguese coup that brought down nearly 50 years of dictatorship on 25 April 1974. Taking upon the values and ideals that prompted the revolution, LCRP main purpose is to promote and stimulate an intergenerational dialogue on commonly shared values. Following a multidisciplinary approach, the festival brings together musicians, writers, scholars, performers, visual artists and critics from different generations to question, discuss and trigger a contemporary debate around such values as democracy, liberty, equity and solidarity. Every year the festival addresses a different matter of reflection: song as a weapon, solidarity, liberty and memory are some of the guiding principles that have been in focus in past editions. In addition to the concerts and debates included in the festival programme, every year LCRP publishes  a newspaper to foster a deeper approach and critical thinking on the festival’s motto.

    Appearances in the past include Sérgio Godinho, JP Simões, Janita Salomé, Sam the Kid, Cool Hipnoise, Dead Combo, Afonso Cabral, Rádio Macau, Zeca Medeiros, Boss AC, Samuel Úria, Brigada Vítor Jara, Pedro Abrunhosa, Vitorino, Aldina Duarte, B Fachada, Dealema, Carminho, José Mário Branco, Camané, Elisa Rodrigues,  Júlio Resende.

    The festival borrows its name from the names of four newspapers – Diário de Lisboa, A Capital, República e Diário Popular – that were touted by newsboys on the streets of Lisbon, in this order, especially during the years of dictatorship, challenging the authorities and the secret police force, in particular.

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