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  • Mais Abril – 40 Years

    This was a special live concert that marked the 40th anniversary of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution that toppled the oldest fascist dictatorship in Europe, on April 25, 1974. The event took place in Lisbon’s biggest square and ended with an impressive fireworks display over the Tagus River. The three hour concert revisited the songbook of the revolution, honouring the poets and songwriters who fought against the social and cultural oppression through poems and lyrics that became popular national hymns of freedom.

    The event brought together on stage names like B Fachada, Camané, Capicua, Capitão Fausto, Carlos Guerreiro, Coro Lisboa Cantat, Couple Coffee, Dead Combo, João Peste, Júlio Pereira, Linda Martini, Norberto Lobo, Stereosauro, Velha Gaiteira, You Can’t Win Charlie Brown (YCWCB), Zeca Medeiros.

    Event Details:

    Artistic, Executive Direction and Production:   

    Strategic Partner:    EGEAC          Client:    CML