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Gonçalo Riscado
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Gonçalo is a co-founder and managing director at CTL. With over 15 years’ experience as a cultural managing director and producer, he ensures the chief executive direction of CTL, where he sits in the driver’s seat of all aspects of business administration, project management, event production and creative development. 

Alex Cortez
Co-Founder and Artistic Manager

Alex is a co-founder of CTL where he specializes in programming and event direction. He is a musician, artistic manager and producer. He has co-founded some of the most original Portuguese music projects of the last two decades and has been invited to program and produce dozens of shows in some of the biggest venues in Portugal.

Pedro Azevedo
Event Programming and Booking

Pedro joined CTL back in 2006. He is a man with many hats: being  responsible for event programming at Musicbox, he has a special flair for booking established artists and scouting out new talent worldwide. Always engaging on some kind of creative social interaction, Pedro is definitely the most outgoing and funniest guy in the office. 

Débora Marques
Executive Producer

With over 10 years’ experience in film and television production, Débora is at the helm of our production team. Despite her apparent calmness, she has a hands-on role in every aspect of event production, being responsible for the planning, scheduling and successful execution of all the production elements of CTL’s activities.

Inês Henriques
PR and Content

Inês is responsible for the management of all PR and content, which includes handling all public relations initiatives and media relations. With a great energy level and a keen mind for the art of getting things done, she is also CTL’s online content producer, creating, editing content and monitoring all our social media platforms.

Marta Gamito
Special Projects coordinator

Marta assists in conceptualizing and implementing CTL’s special projects, namely Festival Silêncio. Besides creating, writing and editing content to give our projects a voice, Marta is responsible for identifying potential partnerships and funding opportunities to support our special activities and events.

Hugo Batista
Production Assistant

Hugo is involved with all aspects of production, assuring the smooth execution of every event and project we put forward. He is always on the go. Hugo handles office organization, keeps overall production schedules and eyeballs all technical elements of running a production.

Teresa Pinheiro
Production Assistant

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Ana Viotti
Content Creator

Ana Viotti is a content creator including everything from photography and videography to social media strategy and everything in between, which includes being always ready to bring new ideas to the table. Any table, anytime. Because her imagination and commitment to new tasks ahead are endless.

Natacha Rodrigues
Administrative Assistant

Natacha is responsible for performing a full range of executive support activities and duties. Thanks to her meticulous attention to detail, sense of organization and ability to think quickly, she always makes sure that day-to-day office tasks run smoothly and effectively.

Vânia Passos
Floor Manager – Povo

Vânia is the floor manager at Povo, ensuring the management and organization of the floor team, kitchen staff and administrative duties. Her attention to detail and her energetic and friendly personality ensure an easy-going and welcoming dining and bar experience for the customers.

João Nogueira
Floor Manager – Musicbox

João ensures the daily running of Musicbox. With the venue holding a large number of concerts while constantly providing a space for a variety of other events, his duties include inventory, staff and floor supervision and administrative duties.

João Quintela
AV Technical Assistant

João sets up, mantains and operates the multimedia equipment for our venues, providing the necessary AV support for shows, live events and performances. His understanding of lighting, sound and staging systems is crucial to assure the best possible conditions for each performance and to promote proximity between the stage and the audiences.

Fábio Paixão da Silva
Head Chef of Povo

Chef Fábio Paixão da Silva is at the helm of Povo’s cuisine since its opening, in 2011. His vision is to stay true to the traditional and authentic nature of Portuguese cuisine, while artfully blending tradition and modernity and always keeping a great focus on fresh produce and simple, sophisticated flavours.

Our team is comprised of a greater group of young and dedicated professionals who play a large part in the success of what we do. They are responsible for CTL’s front-line operations, maintenance activities, security, ticketing and bar services, and together they ensure the smooth run of daily operations and activities at our venues.