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  • Pink Street

    Pink Street is the name of an urban rehabilitation project presented by the José Adrião Arquitectos to restructure and enhance the experience of public space at Rua Nova do Carvalho, in Lisbon. Rua Nova do Carvalho is a pedestrian street located in the neighbourhood of Cais do Sodré, a creative district focused both on creative production and consumption, featuring a vibrant mix of local creative entrepreneurs, live music venues, restaurants and popular gathering spots.

    The Pink Street project outlines strategies for strengthening and improving the streetscape with more landscaping, lighting and public art, highlighting existing venues and promoting socialization among residents and visitors. The project proposed to level the road and sidewalks in order to transform the existing area into a continuous public space and to install 8 interactive billboards along the street, which are used as an outdoor art gallery and as street lamps. The project highlight is the dominant pink pavement used in the entire street.

    Project Details
    Promoter: Associação Cais do Sodré and Lisbon City Council
    Executive Production: CTL – Cultural Trend Lisbon
    Author: José Adrião Arquitectos
    Project year: 2012
    Inauguration: 05.09.2013