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  • Povo

    Opened in 2011, Povo is a restaurant and bar that combines the simplicity of traditional Portuguese food to a programmatic concept focused on the celebration of the written, spoken and sung word.

    Portuguese tascas, that is, traditional taverns and cafés have always been a mirror of the socio-economic and cultural life of communities and neighborhoods. Inspired by this patrimony, Povo brings the atmosphere of the old tascas up to date and promotes the spirit of salons, combining the gastronomic aspect to a range of cultural activities and event that are a celebration of the spoken, sung and written word. Every week, dozens of artists, musicians, writers and onlookers show up for Povo evenings to participate in gatherings and events around fado music, poetry and debates.

    Just a few meters away from Musicbox, it is located right in the “Pink Street”, a street recently closed to car traffic and home to an open-air art gallery.

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