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Since day one, Jameson is a key sponsor of the overall activity of Musicbox and it is the title sponsor of Jameson Urban Routes since its 1st edition, in 2007.

Heineken sponsors Musicbox and it is the title sponsor of Musicbox Heineken Series, a monthly showcase of new contemporary music.

Sagres is the lead sponsor of Povo. Besides sponsoring the venue, Sagres supports the overall cultural and artistic programming activity of Povo.

In addition to sponsoring Povo, Macieira has also been a key supporter of the Artist-in-Residence Program at Povo.

Monte da Ravasqueira
Monte da Ravasqueira sponsors the overall activity of Povo including Povo’s Artist Residencies.

Monster is the title sponsor of Rock Monster, a program series at Musicbox entirely dedicated to rock ‘n’ roll.

Absolut Vodka
Absolut Vodka was the main sponsor of the 1st edition of Festival Silêncio, in 2009.